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Home > eSalesTrack Help Menu > Administrator > Modules > Field Creator > eFormula > Formula - Currency and Numeric


Currency and Numeric Formulas

A formula - currency field will allow you to create a formula and have the end result formatted as a currency field.    Formula - Numeric will allow you to create a formula and have the end result formatted as a currency field.   The end result must be a number or the field will not pull the information.  You can only use numeric fields in these equations.

You can copy and paste these formulas into the formula box.  Drag and drop your numeric fields to replace "field".  You can also put numeric values in place of fields.



The sum function will add all of the fields that you have inside of the formula.




The product function will multiply all of the field values inside the formula.



Sum Product

The sum product function will return the sum the product of the fields in the formula.




The average function will return the average of the values of the fields in the formula.




The min function will return the smallest value from the set of fields specified.






The max function will return the largest value from the set of field specified.




 Calculates the result of a number raised to a power.



Future Value

 The future value function will return the future value of an investment based on periodic, constant payments and a constant interest rate.


  FV(¦rate¦,¦#ofpayments¦,¦payment¦,¦price¦,¦paymentdue¦)  rate= the interest rate per period. nper= number of payments in each period. pmt= payment made each period. pv= present value or what the series of payments is worth now. type= 0 if payments are at the end of the period, 1 if payments are at the beginning of the period.

Interest Rate

The interest rate formula will return the interest rate for a fully invested security.


  INTRATE(¦settledate¦,¦maturity¦,¦investment¦,¦redemption¦,¦basis¦)  settlement= security's settlement date. Maturity= the security's maturity date. investment= the amount invested in the security. Redemption= the amount to be received at maturity. Basis= type of day count basis to use. 0= US 30/360. 1= Actual/actual. 2= actual/360. 3= Actual/365. 4= European 30/360.


Calculates the value of a loan payment with constant payments and constant interest rate.


  PMT(¦rate¦,¦#ofpmts¦,¦price¦) Rate= interest rate. Nper= number of payments. Pv= the present value or current price. Fv= The future value, if left blank then assumed to be 0. Type= 1 or 0 indicates when payments are due. 0 or omitted at the end of the period.

Net Present Value

Calculates the net present value of a series of cash flows based on a discount rate.


  NPV(¦rate¦,¦investment¦,¦Revenue1¦,¦Revenue2¦)  Rate= discount rate. Value= the values of the cash flows.

Random Number

Returns a random number in between 0 and 1.




Rounds a number to a specific number of digits.


  ROUND(¦grossmargin¦,2)  Number= number to be rounded.  Num_digits= the number of digits you want the number rounded to.

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