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eSalesTrack Advanced Customer Services

eSalesTrack offers some premium support options. These are just a few things that eSalesTrack can help your company create. If you are interested please send us an email at

Marketing Assistance

E-Mail Templates - Need to do some email marketing? Or maybe you just need an email template for a monthly newsletter. Let eSalesTrack create stylish email templates for you.

E-Mail Training and Set Up - Not sure the best way to create an E-Mail list? We can help you create a E-Mail strategy that makes E-Mailing prospects quick and easy!

Marketing ROI - Not sure how effective you're marketing is? Let us build a tracking module to show you exactly how much revenue is generated from your campaigns.

Invoices and Proposals - Why waste time creating proposals and invoices for every sales opportunity? Spend your time selling and let eSalesTrack create your sales documents. We can create templates that can quickly be created from information you are already capturing in your eSalesTrack account.

Fill Your Pipeline - Not getting enough leads? Let eSalesTrack create web pages for your website that you can capture leads from. The leads are automatically added to your eSalesTrack account.

Tracking Information

Data Tracking - Did you know that eSalesTrack can keep track of more than just customer data? Let us build modules to keep track of whatever information is important to you; expense reports, customer support issues, vendors, events, products, employees, office equipment, billing, customer purchases, and more! Whatever information you have we can organize it for you.

Sales Rep Activity - Wouldn’t you like to know what your reps are doing on a daily basis? We can build a system to keep track of; notes logged, calls made, CRM login rates, emails sent, sales meetings, invoices created, proposals sent, deals closed, commission earned, and more!

CRM Clean Up

Record De-Duplication - After using a CRM for a while you can collect some duplicate records. This can make your data inaccurate and inconsistent. Let eSalesTrack clean and consolidate your information.

Data Restore - Did you delete information that you needed? eSalesTrack can restore any records, fields, users, reports, or modules that you have deleted.

Field Clean Up - Are the fields in your account that you are not using? Here at eSalesTrack we like to keep things simple. If you are the same way then let an eSalesTrack professional analyze your account and tell you what fields are not being used. This way we can take away unnecessary steps in your sales process that can save you time and make your sales life easier. We can also help you reformat your forms so you can get to the important information quicker.

Importing - Do you have data in an external application or spreadsheet? Let eSalesTrack move the information into your CRM.

CRM Enhancement

Reports - Is there information that you would like to have readily available to you? Let us create reports that will allow you to have that information at your fingertips.

Notifications - Want to be reminded when a contract is about to expire? Or if a customer issue has not been taken care of? Let us set up notifications for you so you can keep focused on selling.

CRM Rebuild - Your business and sales process is constantly changing and improving, your CRM should as well. eSalesTrack can help you reevaluate your CRM needs and make necessary updates to your system.

Dashboard Summary - The dashboard can give you a summary of the most important information in your account. You can even create graphs to help visualize your sales efforts. Just let us know what information would be most useful to you and we make it available right on your home page.

Visibility - The ability to share records, documents, emails, templates, and reports between users can be very helpful to the sales process.


Admin Training - Want to know how eSalesTrack works under the hood? Let us give you some admin training and show you exactly how to customize eSalesTrack for your needs.

User Training - If you are adding new users or maybe they just need a refresh course, let us handle the training. We offer one-on-one training customized to your eSalesTrack system.

New Feature Training - eSalesTrack releases new features and enhancements every month. eSalesTrack offers training courses to go over all new features that have been added each month.

Reseller Training - Are you interested in reselling eSalesTrack? Get familiar with eSalesTrack with a personalized training session, we can also offer you tips on selling eSalesTrack.