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Home > eSalesTrack Help Menu > Administrator > Modules > Form Manager > Form Objects

Form Manager

Form Objects

There are four different types of form objects that you can add to a layout.  Form objects are not fields but can help organize your layout and add extra information.

The four types of Form objects are:

Notes Log:

The notes log works like a text area field, but it will keep a history of everything that has been entered into it.  You can enter notes two different ways. You can edit the record and type in notes like a text area field.  You can also add notes by just clicking "new note" on the record page. 

When you enter a note the note log will keep track of; the note, who entered the note, the module that the note is in, the time and date the note was entered.

Content Log:

The content log is a place where you can upload documents and have them be associated with the record that you upload it to.  Click "upload document" to add documents to this record.  Click "create from template" to create a document to create a document from a document template that you have created.  If you have document templates you can create them from the content log.  The document will then show up in that records content log.


The BLANK form object is just  a blank area you can use to space out your fields. 


This is used to place just plain text onto a form.  You can use this to make standard notes that will appear on the form.

To add a from object to a layout:

1. Open the form manager for the module that you would like to add a form object to.

2. Select the layout that you would like to add the from object to.

3. The form object's are located on the left side of the form manager under the title "Form Objects".  You may need to click the icon to expand the section.

4. Click and drag the form object on to the layout.  When you are dragging the field the background will turn blue where the field will be placed.  Find the spot you would like to put it and release the mouse button.

5. For script objects you will need to click the icon to edit the text.  Type in the text you would like to be displayed and click "Ok".

6. Note logs and Content logs work better when the section they are in is set to one column.  To change a section to one column click the icon on the section toolbar and select Single Column.

7. Click "Save Form Layout" when finished.

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